A review of India’s T20 World Cup options for wicket keeping

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With the start of the T20 tournament in India, wicketkeeper batters will be the main emphasis.

Based on their level of experience, we rank the top choices for wicketkeepers in the T20 World Cup.

The wicketkeeper batsmen will be the main focus as the T20 tournament in India gets set to commence. India offers a wide range of possibilities, all of which are deserving in some manner. Before making a final decision on the T20 World Cup 2024 squad, the team management has tried several players for this position. However, they would still like to see more of them.

T20 World Cup options for wicket keeping

Sharma Jitesh (4.5/5)

One of the most outstanding wicketkeeper batters in the Indian Premier League during the past several years has been Jitesh Sharma. Jitesh can hit a lot of boundary shots with his armor and can strike the ball far from the initial ball. His skill was evident when he played for the Punjab Kings (PBKS), which led to his debut in India the previous year.

Jitesh’s impressive attacking attitude has persisted while wearing the blue shirt, as evidenced by his robust strike rate of 147.06 and balls-per-boundary ratio of 4.53 through seven T20I innings. Jitesh also demonstrates good technique with the gloves and is a safe wicketkeeper. He ought to be India’s first pick for the 2024 T20 World Cup.

Kishan Ishan (4/5)

Even with all of the controversies surrounding Ishan Kishan’s unavailability, there is no denying his exceptional competence. Before taking a long vacation, he was a constant member of the Indian squad; since then, he has lagged behind other players. Nevertheless, Kishan is an excellent batsman who can sustain the high strike rate and intent needed in T20 cricket.

The 25-year-old has been a crucial part of the Mumbai Indians (MI), and if he plays well this year, he might be back in the mix. He can play a variety of positions and be adaptable in his batting position. Kishan is typically secure behind the sticks and his wicketkeeping has significantly improved.

KL Rahul (3.5 out of 5)

Technically, KL Although he hasn’t been as reliable and his strategy has been dubious in T20 cricket, Rahul will undoubtedly lead this list. Rahul is playing middle order for the Lucknow Super Giants (LSG) this season; it has to be seen how he does. But with the experience and skill sets of an ODI, Rahul ought to succeed in his new position.

Although Rahul has played in past World Cups, he has never seemed at ease in the competition and has let his team down. His ability to bat and keep wicket is undeniable, but in the 20-over format, he hasn’t played the middle order. Rahul is currently ranked lower than Ishan and Jitesh, but a dominant IPL season might vault him to the World Cup.

Samson Sanju (3.5/5)

Another player with enormous potential is Sanju Samson, but his inconsistent play has been a major problem. Even though it results in lower scores, his intention is appropriate for the T20 format. Additionally, he is adaptable and can bat anyplace, and his style of attack can make a difference.

Samson also has excellent glovework since he defends well against spinners and pacers. Just that his 18.7 average in Twenty20 Internationals doesn’t reflect the consistency with which he has scored runs while playing for India. Samson has been given several opportunities to be tested by the team management, and a successful IPL season may lead to opportunities, but for the time being, he is not the first choice.

Rishabh Pant (3/5).

It is quite awful for Rishabh Pant to be ranked last on this list. Pant will play in the IPL this year, but he won’t take many wickets because he is still recovering from an injury. Although his batting prowess is undeniable, India cannot afford to use him only as a hitter.

Given that he is a match-winner, Pant will undoubtedly be taken into consideration if he recovers in time for the T20 World Cup. Jay Shah affirmed that if Pant can hold wickets, he will be eligible for the T20 World Cup. It’s unclear how he will do in the IPL because he hasn’t played competitive cricket since that terrible accident. Rishabh Pant will be vital for India in the upcoming series, therefore the Indian team management will be closely monitoring his performance. However, if he is deemed unfit to play, he may not be able to secure a ticket to the T20 World Cup.

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