iOS 17.4 Release Date: When Will Apple Change the iPhone Forever?

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Some iPhone users should begin getting ready for the arrival of the new iOS 17.4 update immediately, as verified by Apple. 

The fourth milestone update for iOS 17, the operating system from Apple, is iOS 17.4. It will update the iPhone with a variety of new features and internal upgrades. 

Early in March, iOS 17.4 will be released. Although it has announced the release duration, Apple has not specified an exact release date.

Table of Contents

1. Get ready for the installation
2. Explore How to Use iOS 17.4 
3. The Beta Should Be Avoided by Most People 
4. Keep updated on the beta’s feedback
5. Take Your Time With iOS 17.4
6. The release date of iOS 17.4
7. iOS 17.4 download size
8. Prepare for iOS 17.4 Issues
9. Learn How To Downgrade
10. Keep your apps updated
11. Avoid iOS 17.4 If You’re Jailbroken

Get ready for the installation

If you want to get the iOS 17.4 update immediately, now is the best time to get your device and yourself ready for the installation. 

Once more, iOS 17.4 is a milestone version, so an important download is probably in order. iOS may temporarily erase downloadable parts of installed applications from your iPhone if you don’t have enough storage available. If this proves insufficient, you will have to remove files by yourself. 

Use this opportunity to clean up if your internal storage is getting low. Go into the storage on your iPhone and remove any things (pictures, programs, etc.) that you no longer require. This will assist in creating space for the software. It might also make your iPhone work better.

Data loss issues are not common, but before updating your iPhone from its current iOS version to iOS 17.4, you should back up all of your data. 

When iOS 17.4 becomes available, your iPhone will require a full charge to install it. Verify that your phone is at least 50% charged, or locate and use a charger. 

Finally, ensure sure you have easy access to your other logins including your Apple ID. You should always keep things available in case the installation logs you out of services and apps. That way, you can quickly resume utilizing them.

Explore How to Use iOS 17.4 

Before downloading the app, familiarize yourself with iOS 17.4. In this way, the modifications will not take you by surprise. 

You can navigate through all of the firmware changes with our published guide. Once more, iPhone users will receive a combination of security patches, bug fixes, and new features with this update. 

A thorough tutorial to iOS 17.4 has also been produced by us, which will walk you through many of the most recent updates included in the current operating system. 

If you’re feeling particularly creative, you may download the iOS 17.4 beta to your iPhone and experiment with all of the new features before the official release.

The Beta Should Be Avoided by Most People 

While it may be easy to update your iPhone to the iOS 17.4 beta, most users should stick with the stable iOS 17 version.

Before they cause significant problems for millions of iPhone users worldwide, Apple will be able to address bugs and performance issues thanks to the beta.

Testing out new features before they’re made available to the general public is undoubtedly entertaining, but iOS beta software can provide serious challenges.

If you choose to install the iOS 17.4 beta on your iPhone, you may experience some of the same problems that are affecting testers.

While some problems and performance concerns may be possible for you to resolve on your own, Apple will most likely need to address these in a later software update. 

Whatever iOS version your iPhone is now running should be your primary operating system if you depend on it to get through the day.

Keep updated on the beta’s feedback. 

Make sure you keep updated on the input from iOS 17.4 beta testers if you decide to maintain your daily auto-running stable iOS 17 software. 

Keeping updated on feedback will help you identify possible issues as well as potential advantages of Apple’s new software. 

More importantly, it could help in your decision as to whether to leave your iPhone running stable software or immediately install iOS 17.4.

Check out the following websites if you’re interested in learning more about the software’s performance in the lead-up to the official release: YouTube, Reddit, Twitter, and the Mac Rumors forums.

The release date of iOS 17.4 

Apple usually releases new iOS software updates at approximately 10:00 AM Pacific time. That very certainly applies to iOS 17.4 final release. 

There’s no need to worry if the software doesn’t appear in your iPhone’s Settings app immediately away. We sometimes see iOS upgrades roll out 5–10 minutes beyond 10 AM. 

What that means for other US time zones is as follows: 

Mountain Time: 11 AM, Eastern Time: 1 PM, Central Time: 12 PM

Release Time

If you want to install iOS 17.4 final version immediately, bear all of this in mind.

iOS 17.4 download size. 

Download iOS 17.4. Most milestone upgrades take a significant amount of space, and we expect that the final version of iOS 17.4 will be a big download.

We could see extended download times, especially once Apple releases the software. The installation process could also take time.

When you download iOS 17.4 from Apple’s servers, you may get a message requesting you to “Install” the software right away or “Later.” While most of you will want to install it right away, others may choose to schedule the installation.

Prepare for iOS 17.4 Issues. 

The iOS 17.4 beta is packed with bugs. This will remain the case throughout the beta testing period. Some of these issues may make it into the final version as well.

Common difficulties include excessive battery use, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi issues, app instability, UI delay, crashes, and Exchange issues.

These issues develop with each iOS update, and there’s a significant possibility they’ll all appear just after the stable version of iOS 17.4 is released.

It will be difficult to predict how your iPhone will operate, so make sure you are prepared to deal with any issues that develop on day one and beyond.

We have published a list of fixes for common iOS 17 issues. If you don’t consider yourself an expert, bookmark those fixes.

We’ve also produced guidelines to improve iOS 17 battery life and performance.

We’ve also produced guidelines to improve iOS 17 battery life and performance. 

You should also bookmark the Apple Support page on the company’s website. You should also become familiar with Apple’s discussion boards.

Learn How To Downgrade 

If the iOS 17.4 upgrade causes problems on your iPhone and you are unable to resolve the issue(s), you may need to downgrade to stable software. 

If you already know how to downgrade, you’re ready to go. If you’re new to the downgrading process, you should learn about it immediately. This way, you won’t have to scramble if the software on your iPhone begins to load up.

Keep your apps updated.

If you want to enjoy the greatest experience on iOS 17.4, make sure your apps are updated. Updates will help to stabilize the performance of the new software and make sure your device moves smoothly to the new version.

Before downloading an app update, be sure to check customer reviews. These reviews will alert you to the potential benefits and drawbacks of the latest edition.

Take Your Time With iOS 17.4. 

iOS 17.4 is an interesting upgrade, and some of you may be tempted to install the firmware as soon as it becomes available this fall. 

For some of you, particularly people struggling with iOS 17 issues, this may be the best decision. However, some of you will benefit from waiting a few hours, days, or even weeks before updating iOS 17.4. 

There are plenty of reasons not to install new iOS 17 software updates on day one, so take your time. 

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Avoid iOS 17.4 If You’re Jailbroken. 

If you still have a jailbroken phone, avoid the iOS 17.4 beta. 

If you’re looking for an iOS 17.4 jailbreak, don’t hold your breath. Jailbreak developers might surprise us, but we don’t expect a release. 

If you continue to jailbreak your devices, you will need to use an older version of iOS.

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